Bizarre LoveTrainer Headset Actually an Elaborate, Sexy Hoax

The unbelievably awkward LoveTrainer sex instruction headset was weird, sure. But fake? This morning we got an email from the alleged creator—"World Renowned Sex Doctor" Itami—aaaaand he's never heard of it.

Dr. Itami, who is actually not a sex doctor by any means, said that a competitor was "illegally using images and video from" to promote their product. I'm not sure what the competitive angle would be here, but definitely see the humour—hence, the hoax conclusion. Something about the product was just so over the top that it even earned an "assuming this isn't all a prank" disclaimer in our writeup.

In a way, it's all a bit sad. is now a placeholder site and will almost certainly never come back, but more importantly what, without the LoveTrainer, will happen to my sex life, our sex lives, and sex as a phenomenon? Things look bleak, people. [LoveTrainer, RIP]

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