Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer Makes Girls Superficial AND Lazy

OK, who here told the Barbie people about thermal printer technology?

The Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer, slated for release this fall, can print any one of thousands of designs directly onto your fingernails. Requiring only a clear base coat of prep and 15-20 precarious seconds as a machine inks each nail, according to KidsTechReview who tried it out at CES (how did we miss this???) it actually works:

Once you've selected the design, and even customised it some with orientation, darkness and so on, the printer sets to work printing on your nail...the end result is impressive. It takes some getting used to though. The first nail was a little misaligned, and it feels a little funny when it's printing, but it won't be long before kids are making fantastic nails. If you love the design, put a layer of top coat on and the design should stay on for many days. If not, a little rubbing wipes off the design and you can try again.

It's rumoured that if Mattel has success with the still unpriced Barbie Digital Fingernail Printer, a Barbie Tramp Stamper should be announced shortly thereafter. [KidsTechReview and YouTube via Craziest Gadgets]

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