Australian Hillbillies Accuse Apple of Trashing Salvageable Computers

An Aussie construction worker and part-time filmmaker (?) was instructed to destroy a substantial quantity of Apple equipment— some of which, he says, was salvageable. But can we really trust his account?

The construction worker, who refused to give his real name, says that he destroyed nine full pallets of equipment, including MacBooks, Mac Pros, and even innocent Mighty Mice (Mighty Mouses?). He also claims that he tested some of the machines, and that many powered up, proving at the least that their batteries could be salvaged, if not screens and other parts.

Problem is, there's no evidence that any of this stuff was in working order, and the article quotes a secondhand account from another construction worker on Apple's motivations for crushing the computers. That's not exactly the most reliable source. And while, let's be honest, Apple's green campaign is an infuriating example of "greenwashing" and as smug as anything they've ever done, I'm not prepared to accuse Apple of destroying equipment in working order without any hard evidence, on the word of somebody who won't give his real name. Just my two cents. [APC Mag]

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