Australian Hillbillies Accuse Apple of Trashing Salvageable Computers

An Aussie construction worker and part-time filmmaker (?) was instructed to destroy a substantial quantity of Apple equipment— some of which, he says, was salvageable. But can we really trust his account?

The construction worker, who refused to give his real name, says that he destroyed nine full pallets of equipment, including MacBooks, Mac Pros, and even innocent Mighty Mice (Mighty Mouses?). He also claims that he tested some of the machines, and that many powered up, proving at the least that their batteries could be salvaged, if not screens and other parts.

Problem is, there's no evidence that any of this stuff was in working order, and the article quotes a secondhand account from another construction worker on Apple's motivations for crushing the computers. That's not exactly the most reliable source. And while, let's be honest, Apple's green campaign is an infuriating example of "greenwashing" and as smug as anything they've ever done, I'm not prepared to accuse Apple of destroying equipment in working order without any hard evidence, on the word of somebody who won't give his real name. Just my two cents. [APC Mag]



    The Appalachians are located in the United Sates of America and there ain't no Hillbillys roundabout these here parts ya hear.

    "Some Aussie Hillbillie"??? C'mon, go f*ck your self you self-righteous yanky asshole.

    Do you even read the articles you regurgitate with your own opinions? Just because your an apple fanboy you decide to immediately label a normal Australian worker a hillbilly, even though he can identify between different mac version, even XServer.. Nice work in taking a unbiased view of the situation.. oh and I suppose photos don't count as evidence in your opinion? Yeah, didn't think so.

    I also notice that although you flame a guy who could get in trouble (read, lose his job) for revealing who he was and what he was doing, you also decline not to post your name along with your story..

    Strange, I'd never heard an american be hypocritical before

    I don't know about you but I'll take a non working MacBook Pro any day. I want one NOW!!!!!

    Darn yobs. I really hate them, but they're looked up to in Australia. We love these sorts of people.

    Wow I never thought I would see the day where I would be so repulsed to read an article from gizmodo. Just to let you know the guy clearly states that he is a warehouse worker, so how does someone automatically become a construction worker if they work in a warehouse ?
    I used to work in a warehouse that returned broken items for a company called myer (think maceys) for their purfume that was damaged or couldn’t be sold, a lot of it was salvageable. But I wouldn’t call my self a contruction worker, I now work in a airconditioned office and read giz everyday but I wouldn’t consider myself a hillbilly

    Yeah they're called bogans around here, not hillbillies.

    Also I apologise for the comment above.

    Australian Hillbillies, eh?

    I suppose you think we all ride around on the backs of Kangaroos whilst lasooing crocodiles and dingoes?

    Sadly, there's no kangaroos, crocodiles or dingoes within cooee... but there's a bloody big Yankee drongo making an idiot of himself on this website.

    Next time you choose to mouth off at an entire nationality, make sure you know what the hell you're talking about. Idiot.

    This isn't the first time the american blog has made dumb comments about australia,why aren't articles featuring australia run by the australian editors first?

    @Trent - Actually, I do edit all of the US posts you see on the Australian site. But I do it to localise relevant content, not alter the opinions of the US writers.

    Besides - If I had changed the US post, you probably wouldn't have commented, and I love it when you guys get commenting :)

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