Atkinson Fights The Good Fight By Delaying Discussion On R18+ Games

atkinson.jpgAs another working week draws to a close and you begin to wonder what manner of horrible evils are lurking out there in the world to destroy the wonderful ideals of a handful of politicians, know that your children are just a tiny bit safer today thanks to South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson. Not only has he not changed his mind about having a universal rating system for all forms of entertainment in this country including video games, but he's actively delaying the public discussion (again) by refusing to provide his final comments on the matter.As Jason Hill at the Age and David over at Kotaku both mention, the discussion paper has been on the table for around about five months, which was about five months after the idea was originally floated. That's a long time for any man to stand unwavering against a sea of angry gamers, both eloquent and hysterical. Not to mention the waves of evidence that logically deconstruct every one of his arguments.

In fact, he's so stoic against the criticism he's received, it's like he's not really a politician at all, but an unsung Australian superhero, using his disproportionate level of Government powers for the advancement of the society he'd like to live in. A world where every game is Wii Sports and nobody has to make decisions that influence the lives of adults or children but him alone. You almost have to admire him...

Oh, wait. No you don't. Stop being a douche, Atkinson and give us an R18+ Rating. I'm sick of being treated like a child, while you claim a moral highground and inadvertently cause more harm than good.

[The Age via Kotaku]

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    Anyone catch this goober playing wii tennis on good game?
    What a muppet.

    What this asinine sod is really saying is that despite being adults capable of voting, procreating and legally handling real life lethal weapons, we are not capable of deciding on an appropriate video game.

    An R18 rating on video games is not putting violence and pornography in front of impressionable children; it is allowing informed adult consumers to decide which games they would like to play.

    Children will still not be able to buy these games and adults who do not wish to play them will more easily know which games to steer clear of.

    What's the issue Mike?!

    Did we really expect anything less from anyone that classifies the 18-30 demographic as "older children"?

    I'm hereby adding my own demographic classification of all people that are the AG of South Australia with the initials of "M.A." as being "totally arrogant dickwads".

    Atkinson with his ridiculous ideas is causing gamers to buy games from overseas suppliers, rather than support our own industry,he is forcing some gamers (including children) to warez and other sites to download illegal copies. (These sites are also highly pornographic in their content and advertising)
    As an attorney general he is an embarrassment to Australia.
    We live in the year 2009, we are capable of making our own decisions, and he treats us like we're all simple minded children.
    By having a rating system it would allow retailers to monitor purchases, parents to monitor the games their children buy, and the Australian game industry to actually compete with the rest of the world.
    No wonder Australia is classed as years behind the rest of the developed world.

    Here here to the author.

    this is a perfect illustration of why Australia is so far behind the rest of the world, in what seems almost every respect (I have just returned from living in europe, where everything most certainly is bigger, bolder & better! Attitudes included).

    to quote...

    'The ESA study found the average age of American game players was 33 years, with 44 per cent of players over 18'

    & considering old entertainment media (TV, movies, sports etc) is fast becoming obselete I think it best we jump on this New media train ASAP, lest we get left behind!

    This is a pathetic biased piece of journalism. I can assure you there are more than a hand full of politicians with ideals. It's actually hard to stand up for the right thing especially when people are "shamed" for doing it. I applaud Attorney General Michael Atkinson.

    I just dobbed him into the Chaser, they'll deal with him dressed as Mario, Link and Master Chief XD

    hey i don't really care bout this article the whole idea is stupid the only thing i have to say is DON'T DISGRACE LORD OF THE RINGS GODDAMN IT!!!!!!!

    Biased, yes. But a universal rating system makes plain sense, making entertainment which sometimes sneaks into MA15+ being relegated to its true spot of R18+

    I think the question we all need to be asking is, how do we remove the SA Attorney General?

    Seems his opinions wouldnt be important at all from a arm chair in a retirement village....

    Zac, censorship is hardly every a good thing- particularly when it's government trying to treat adults as children- see Internet Censorship.

    I'm glad that you think he is fighting the good fight in that deluded little world of yours, but in the meantime, the rest of us will put our bibles down and stand up for what personal freedoms we have left in this country.

    Good on him for standing up for his own views, and many others. This article was written to outrage not to inform so bad author!

    I for one am glad I live in a backward country where the leaders portray the adage of the ostridge with its head in the sand hiding from the rest of the world.

    Delaying public comment = delaying democrocy

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