Atkinson Fights The Good Fight By Delaying Discussion On R18+ Games

Atkinson Fights The <strike>Good</strike> Fight By Delaying Discussion On R18+ Games

atkinson.jpgAs another working week draws to a close and you begin to wonder what manner of horrible evils are lurking out there in the world to destroy the wonderful ideals of a handful of politicians, know that your children are just a tiny bit safer today thanks to South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson. Not only has he not changed his mind about having a universal rating system for all forms of entertainment in this country including video games, but he’s actively delaying the public discussion (again) by refusing to provide his final comments on the matter.As Jason Hill at the Age and David over at Kotaku both mention, the discussion paper has been on the table for around about five months, which was about five months after the idea was originally floated. That’s a long time for any man to stand unwavering against a sea of angry gamers, both eloquent and hysterical. Not to mention the waves of evidence that logically deconstruct every one of his arguments.

In fact, he’s so stoic against the criticism he’s received, it’s like he’s not really a politician at all, but an unsung Australian superhero, using his disproportionate level of Government powers for the advancement of the society he’d like to live in. A world where every game is Wii Sports and nobody has to make decisions that influence the lives of adults or children but him alone. You almost have to admire him…

Oh, wait. No you don’t. Stop being a douche, Atkinson and give us an R18+ Rating. I’m sick of being treated like a child, while you claim a moral highground and inadvertently cause more harm than good.

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