Asus's Dual-Screen, Dual Computing Laptop Goes Into Production Later This Year

This modified M50 dual-computing laptop (there's two computers in there sharing a battery) has two displays, one of which is 4.3-inches, and is actually a prototype that will be manufactured later this year.

The smaller computer and display can run on 12 hours and can handle emailing and contact needs, but isn't removable yet, so you still need to haul around the main machine. Makes sense, since it shares the same battery as the big boy. Mark did mention that from what he saw last night when this was demoed, none of the trackpads worked very well, since it's just a proto.

It's definitely an interesting concept, since a trackpad that's also a display saves room on the main screen for more important things like getting work done, and not dicking around. [Engadget]

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