Arrested OiNK Uploaders Get Community Service, No Jail Time

Four of the prominent UK OiNK uploaders arrested months ago in a sting on the popular and beloved torrent site have finally been sentenced, and they've received mere slaps on the wrists.

Steven Diprose was sentenced to 180 hours community service, and has to pay £378 in Court costs. Michael Myers was ordered to pay a £500 fine. Mark Tugwell has to undertake 100 hours community service and has to pay £378 Court costs. The fourth uploader, James Garner was sentenced to 50 hours community service and also has to pay £378 Court costs.

All four were found guilty of uploading pre-release albums to the pink palace, but due to them being generally good kids and having good lawyers got them out of any really serious trouble.

Site administrator Alan Ellis, however, has yet to be sentenced. His case will appear before the court in March, but hopefully these lenient penalties will continue with him. [TorrentFreak]

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