Argon Laser Putter Delivers Birdies With Predator-Like Efficiency

If the Predator were a golfer, he'd hunt his prey—the pin, in this case—with this tri-laser equipped putter.

As you can see from the images, this putter takes the idea of a laser putter (been done before), and marries it with not one, but TWO additional lasers. Two of the lasers flank the ball at address, and the top one sits above the ball so it isn't blocked like weaker, less Predator-like laser putters.

Hooked on Golf lays out why, exactly, this is a good thing:

1. Like I said, the three laser configuration gives much more information to the player. Seeing the width of the line via the two lower lasers while the ball is positioned in front of the putter is great.

2. The lasers on the Argon are very bright and much easier to see than other laser putters. This is due to the fact that they're powered by a 9-volt battery, rather than a tiny watch battery. Having a 9-volt is also better because they're easily found anywhere when the battery dies. Having to remove and install a tiny watch battery is almost as inconvenient as trying to find a store that sells them.

3. The grip of the Argon putter has the buttons to turn the laser on. You can turn it on as long as you want. Other systems' lasers are turned on by tapping the club on the ground and the laser is only active for a fixed amount of time.

Note: The Argon Laser Putter does not double as a shoulder-mounted cannon. [Hooked on Golf - Thanks, Tony!]

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