Apple Tells Dual-Link DVI Display Adaptor Customers That Their Monitors Are Incompatible

Users of Apple's Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adaptor are still experiencing the distortion issues, but now Apple Engineering is supposedly telling people this is only compatible with the Apple Cinema Display.

Reader Yoel reports that AppleCare has contacted him to say Engineering retroactively decided the adapters are ONLY compatible with the 30-inch Apple Cinema Display, and not with any other 30-inch displays on the market now. They are, you know, "technically" compatible, except for the distortion issues we outlined here.

One, that's really strange, since we don't usually see companies retroactively take back support after a product has been released. Two, users actually say that the distortion issue appears on Apple Cinema Displays too, which makes this whole thing sound kinda flimsy. We're still hoping for a software fix. [Apple Discussions]

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