Apple Sends iWork to the Clouds, Introduces

Just as rumoured last week, Apple is taking iWork '09 online, with file hosting and group editing services. Think of it as MobileMe, but for your documents. And that's not all.

The suite is getting a pretty strong set of new features— some fluff, but much meat. See the full list, updated as we get new info, below. But first, the cloud.

Pretty much the whole suit gets towed online here— Pages, Numbers and Keynote all now feature the same online storage and collaboration capabilities. There are two modes of access, too. An online interface, at, and transparent integration into the actual apps. Documents

The suite takes on Microsoft's SharePoint and Google Docs, but approaches online document management totally differently. Rather than editing and organising documents only through a web interface, Apple has integrated the online aspect into a familiar interface somewhat seamlessly.
[Giz at Macworld

New Features:

Motion Move—this Keynote effect will create object transition between slides, like when teenagers morph into vampire on low-budget TV

Interstitial slideshows: This interrupts your presentation to display standalone slideshows

Text transitions: There are some news ones! You can slide, twirl, shimmer, etc. All the things that made you hate PowerPoint can now help you hate Keynote, too.

Keynote iPhone Remote: This 99c app lets you run your Keynote presentation over Wi-Fi, from you iPhone. It's pretty basic, but also has the capability to display presenter's notes.

Integrated online file storage
Simultaneous group editing with revision control, a la Google Docs


Fullscreen: Pages should have always had a fullscreen-ish option. Now it does!
Advances outlining, listing: A sensible alternative to a standalone outlining/planning application, it's meant to help you plan out longer projects. It's also dynamic, so any embedded document links will automatically update on changes.

Mail merge: Mail merging with Numbers! Again, long overdue, but at least now you can easily do your Xmas cards on your Mac.

MathType: Are you a scientist, mathematician or student? No? Then this doesn't matter for your. The whole suite now has many more functions and full MathType capabilities, for writing formulas into your documents.

Boring! MathType is the biggest addition here, but users also get drag and drop formulas, new chart types, multiple axes, trend lines, and error bars, along with dynamic linked charts. And lots of templates, lest we forget.


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