Apple Keynote Beer Goggles to Become Obligatory in 2009

This one slipped even below Jim Goldman's rumour radar: The Apple Keynote Beer Goggles. Judging from today's snoringfest, I won't be surprised if they make them obligatory for every event in 2009.

Many people are bashing the Philnote because it was a bore and there were no new new NEW toys. In reality, the keynote wasn't very different from many other that Steve Jobs did in the past. I remember some who were mostly the same: Endless software demonstrations plus a hardware update here or there. In fact, I think there were even worse keynotes, like that time when an endless parade of third-party software directors came on stage to show their support to Mac OS X. It took me several Guinness pints to get over that one.

So given what he had to present today—and I've to say that I love the new iPhoto and iMovie—El Schillerino did quite a good job. But even while he was good, apparently he's not Steve Jobs and people weren't as enthusiastic as when El Esteban is on stage. I don't know what's going to happen when Jobs finally retires from Apple, but maybe the key for success goes through free beer for everyone at the door. [Image based on the original beer goggles from Urban Spectacles via Dark Roasted Blend]

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