Apple Can't Stand the Sight of Boobs or Booty

Wobble is one of those 99-cent iPhone apps: You shake your iPhone, and boobs or any other salacious body part will jiggle. Totally approved for the App Store. But Apple doesn't like boobs. Or booty.

So, Apple has asked Wobble's developer to remove all references to "boobs" and "booty" in its marketing, and forced it to change the application's description. Even though there are hundreds of references to boobs and booties them in the rest of the iTunes Store.

For now, Wobble's description reads like this: "You can make (censored) and (censored) jiggle and bounce like real when you shake your phone." Which, ironically, actually makes it dirtier, since you could imagine any body part in there now. [Chillifresh]

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