And The Winner Is...

BlackBerry_withPhone.jpgYes, folks, The Phone advertorials The Phone competition has come to an end and four observant Giz, Kotaku and Defamer readers have won themselves a BlackBerry Bold.

Hit the jump to see if your entry was selected:

Nick, whose subtle jibe at advertising was a cracker;

Which year did Alexander Graham Bell invent the telephone? - 1876
Contestants need to find a ticket hidden inside one of 50 McDonalds cheeseburgers. Advertising makes people rich!

Wyatt, who opted for a cruel but unusual challenge;

The last clue to the first memory card (at the service station) was what year did Alexander Bell invent the telephone?
Challenge - Dress up as a clown and entertain 30 kids who have had nothing but red cordial and lollies.

A catty but oh so true comment helped Shaun score;

The Pin code to the EFTPOS card is the year Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
I would have a clue put inside the brain of the girl who was competing last night - because she didn't have a clue!

While Hayden's twisted thinking made perfect sense to us;

The final clue to the first memory card was the year Alexander Bell invented the telephone (1876).
As the Clue Master I'd set the contestants the twisted challenge of discovering the next clue using absolutely no modern technology, except the phone.

Congrats, guys and thanks to everyone who took the time to enter. And props to FOX8 for coughing up the loot.

[The Phone]

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