Aerial7 Graffiti Headphones One Pacifier Short of a Personal Rave

Well hello colour. How ya been, and who at Aerial7 did you have to get high in order to get yourself arranged in such a, um, loud way on these new Graffiti headphones?

Seriously. Short of the DJ/rave scene these cans might have trouble finding a home. The price isn't too bad at $US80 for the Tank model, $US50 for the Matador, but I go blind just thinking about them. The Tank includes an extra cable with a microphone for answering calls, so there's that to consider on your way to that abandoned meat packing warehouse on the city limits.

The looks you'll get because you're wearing these for attention are priceless, however. [Aerial7 via Chip Chick via Coolest Gadgets]

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