$US199 Sign Language Translator...OK, Video Dictionary

The Sign Language Translator's name may be a tad misleading (it doesn't actually translate anything), but as a pocket ASL video dictionary, it's a neat enough idea.

Featuring a 3,500 word dictionary (more words will be downloadable, we're promised), this seemingly retrofitted PMP is navigated via stylus. You type in the word that you'd like to sign and a video pops up of a guy signing it. Easy enough.

The Sign Language Translator runs for 6 hours before needing a recharge via USB. Slated for a mid-May, the device will be priced at $US199. Adam Frucci was quick to point out that an iPhone app could undercut its marketshare pretty quickly. I'd love to see such a world, Adam. I really would.

(On an unrelated note, I looked up the world "cuddle" and it wasn't in the dictionary. Maybe that's why the translator guy looks so sad.)

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