1,474 Megapixel Inauguration Panorama is a Treasure Trove of Candid Captures

We've all seen the iconic imagery of the day again and again: the nervous smile as the oath went haywire, the rapt crowds, Aretha's hat. But what about everything else? It's all in here.

Containing over 2GB of photo data and comprised of over 220 images shot from a Canon G10 Bridge camera on a Gigapan robotic camera mount, David Bergman's incredibly detailed panorama is filled with pieces of information that you previously weren't able or bothered to see. Some are just obviously cool—nearly being able to read the sheet music on performers stands, seeing the comically varied expressions in the VIP area behind the President as he speaks—but others are more subtly awesome.

Take Yo-Yo Ma snapping a picture on his iPhone, the unreal number of personal digital cameras or the endless, imposing banks of photography equipment surrounding the event from every conceivable angle. Sorry CNN, this is cooler than Photosynth. Tell us what you find in the comments. Full screen view here. [David Bergman via Cult of Mac]

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