1000-Year-Old Runestone Converted into a Digital Projection Wonder

Museums—especially history museums—often have a hard time keeping incorporating new technology into their staid exhibits. That is, museums that don't happen to be in Randers, Denmark.

You see, in Denmark, even exhibits about the history and translation of 1000-year-old runes can hope for digitally projected augmentation. This runic stone, when approached by a visitor, commences a story—harrowing, violent, dramatic, etcetera— spectacularly projected onto the stone's textured surface. The effect is cool, but that's not the end of it. As the story continues, the projection leaves the boundaries of the stone, and enters the area of the visitor, where it begs for their input.

Watch for yourselves, and try not to weep next time you're trudging through the silent, static aisles of your local history museum. On display now at the Cultural History Museum in Randers, Denmark, courtesy of the University of Aarhus. [CAVI Digital ExperienceThanks, Jonas]

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