X-Wing Red Five Is Most Detailed Model Ever

This is the biggest and most accurate X-Wing model since the movies. In fact, each of the thousand units made from resin, aluminium and LEDs were created from a digitally-scanned original Red 5 miniature body. Update: EFX Collectibles has sent us amazing high definition pictures so you can see all the amazing detail.

Sure, it may not be as big as the rocket-powered 21-foot X-Wing that exploded in an epic flight last year, but hey, you can fly this around your bedroom and/or bathroom.

• Digitally scanned from an original miniature body
• Quality resin construction
• Die cast and injection molded structure and details
• Machined aluminium "S" foils that can be displayed closed or in the open attack position.
• Fully detailed and lighted interior cockpit and engines
• Accurately detailed and lighted R2-D2
• Luke Skywalker pilot figure sculpted by Gentle Giant
• Dimensions. 23" L x 20.5" W x 4" H (5" with "S" foils open). Stands 10.75" of ground on stand with "S" foils open.
• eFX Display Stand
• Certificate of Authencity
• Numbered plaque

Of course, all this technological terror and precision comes at a price: $US1,199. The X-Wing goes on sale in a couple of days, and you can reserve one for $US350. And since we are in a crisis, you can further sink yourself in debt paying $US283 a month. [EFX Collectibles]

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