Windows Vista Screwed RAM Makers, But You Can Profit

In anticipation of Vista's new hardware requirements—a truckload of RAM—major RAM suppliers like Hynix and Samsung basically doubled their production. Vista's anemic sales and the economy hosed them, but it's good for you.

Every maker has a huge oversupply of RAM—Hynix has raised capacity by 159 percent, Inotera by 112 percent, Elpida by 103 percent and Samsung by 86 percent—that they're struggling to offload. They're all planning huge production cuts for next year, but in the meantime, a massive supply with less-than-soaring demand means that RAM, for the time being, is cheap.

If you're thinking about upgrading your computer, now's the time to get RAM. Check out the prices on Newegg—for desktop memory, it's ridiculous. It's even possible, finally, to pick up 4GB of the usually pricey DDR3-1066 RAM for the new MacBooks for under $US100, where it was about $US120 on the low end when the MacBooks came out just a couple months ago. [Digitimes via TG Daily]

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