Windows 7 Multitouch Media Transfer Makes Our Hands Tired

Multitouch is great. We like it a lot. Except when it's totally unnecessary and just make our flabby arms tired, like in this demo of a multitouch media transfer application for Windows 7.

The app, by PQ-DVD (they make iPod video conversion software), is supposedly the first to use multitouch to organise media on the iPod. It looks really slick, like if you plugged iThing into a Surface table. But it also kinda looks like a lot of work to move stuff on to it, like more than just shift-clicking a list of crap to dump onto it. Even if you bring the arm motions down to a finger level, I still think a mouse would be quicker/lazier, and when it comes to this kind of thing, convenience should be above all. But hey, maybe actually moving all of your crap around with your hands provides gratification to someone out there, like if they stopped buying CDs or actual physical media forever. [Hot Hardware]

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