Wii Food Delivery Channel to Serve Japan

So, are you all Wii Fit now? Great. Because Nintendo wants to fatten you up before Wii Fit 2.

Starting this spring, Nintendo will introduce the Food Delivery Channel in Japan. Much like how TiVo users can order Pizza Hut, Wii users will be able to place orders to Demae-can.com (which offers everything from sushi to hamburgers).

Oh, but this is the Wii, folks. You don't just order food. You order food and the Wii will set the mood with correlating music. Or it will pick a meal and have it sent to you at random. You know, for those times when you just can't decide what's for dinner so you let a machine that knows nothing of your tastes or allergies choose for you. [IT Media via Kotaku]

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