Where to Get Awesome Multi-Monitor Wallpaper

If you're reading Giz, you're likely running two displays, if not more. You could sprinkle each one with a disparate bit of geekery, or go all out with a massive multi-monitor spread.

Lifehacker has an awesome reader-fuelled roundup of the best places to grab wallpaper specially designed to fit your glowing triptych (or wall) of unhealthy productivity. Mandolux snagged the top spot overwhelmingly, followed by InterfaceLIFT and that old-school favourite, DeviantART. There's more eye-exploding background heaven where that came from over at Lifehacker, which makes me kind of sad I only play on one monitor. If you've got your own tips, let us know about 'em, too. [Lifehacker, Images: last scionz/DeviantART, Mandolux]

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