Walmart Shoppers Cracked Jokes at Trampled Worker's Expense

We already know that the people involved in the trampling death of Jdimytai Damour on Black Friday were deplorable, but few could have imagined how bad things really were.

Enhanced audio from a mobile phone video combined with eyewitness accounts have revealed some truly monstrous behaviour. For example: as a paramedic fought to save his life, an onlooker was heard to shout "pregnant" when Damou's belly was exposed from underneath his shirt. Several women in the crowd then laughed at the remark.

Furthermore, an eyewitness who suffered a broken arm in the incident described a chaotic scene. She asked a police officer to do something saying "Can't you see the crowd is out of control?" The officer replied sarcastically: "I'm surprised we haven't heard gunshots yet."

Honestly, I don't even know how to express how depressing this is. [Seattle Times via The Consumerist]

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