VuNow PoD Media Streamer Is Cheap and BitTorrent-Ready

While even Blu-ray players are getting into the media streaming business, Verismo Networks has announced the $US100/$US150 VuNow PoD, promising everything from YouTube to BitTorrent in a clean Apple TVesque interface.

The palm-sized $US100 VuNow PoD is standard def and equipped with ethernet, Wi-Fi and 2 USB ports out of the box.

It's almost hard to summarise everything that the VuNow plays back if you spring for the full (extra $US30) codec package. It streams YouTube, Cinemanow, and all sorts of internet-based TV while managing BitTorrent downloads. Plus it recognises every codec under the sun through a NAS, networked PC, or just good old USB-based storage.
I know, many of you are shaking your heads at the standard def thing, but the VuNow will also be available in high definition (with HDMI) for $US150. Luckily, the high def version includes that whole "premium codec package" thing for free.

Both models are available now on VuNow's site. [VuNow via Wired]

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