VOD Movies To Be Released Alongside DVDs

vod release dates.jpgAccording to a report by Lara Sinclair in the Australian this morning, you could soon be downloading video on demand movies the same day as they are released on DVD. The information comes from Franchise Entertainment Group director Paul Uniacke, who says an unnamed studio is planning to offer On Demand movies from Foxtel, BigPond and TiVo on the same day as DVD releases by March next year.

At the moment, Apple currently offers movies from most studios the same day as the DVD release (and unless I'm mistaken, sometimes even earlier). But adding the release window to PayTV and TiVo is a good idea - I for one haven't visited my local video store for almost two years. Hopefully all the studios will run with this idea - I don't see how they would really lose any money this way.

[The Australian]

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