Vertu Boucheron Tells Us That Even if We May Look Crumpled, We're Still Solid Gold

With even top end luxury houses seeing declining sales, I guess Vertu's decided that it's new $US30,000 phone, made in conjunction with jewellery house Boucheron, should reflect how we're all feeling these days—a little crumpled.

Despite the slightly worse-for-wear look, nothing's being scaled down from typical Vertu overspendyness with this phone. The device is carved from a single piece of gold and all the weird angles took about 1,000 hours to cut, 700 hours to hand polish and over 500 hours to finally put together. The keypad is made of sapphire and it comes in a beautiful oak box made by Reuge.

And... it's rumoured to have 3G. Why, that makes it almost worth it! Almost. [Boing boing]

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