Verizon Rolling Out Superfast LTE Mobile Broadband Next Freakin' Year

Verizon is so super-serial about beating AT&T in the race to deploy 4G LTE mobile broadband, CTO Dick Lynch said yesterday they'll start rolling it out next year, ahead of the original 2010 timeframe.

The original timetable called for initial rollouts in 2010, with a wide commercial launch in 2011 and true mass availability in 2012. An IDC analyst says that Verizon's shift to a more aggressive schedule was likely sparked by Japan's NTT DoCoMo announcing last month they'd offer LTE service commercially in 2010, showing that "the race is on." That's right, people, Verizon is throwing down for the good ol' US of A—Japan won't beat us on mobile phone tech ever again.

After launching LTE, Verizon's planning to offer femtocells through partners like Best Buy that won't just make the signal actually decent in your house, they'll have built in Wi-Fi, so you won't have to have a separate box for it. Your move, AT&T. [Yahoo]

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