Unleash Your Inner Voyeur With a Super-Secret Spy Lens

If hiding in the dirty bushes to stalk your ex is cramping your style (and ruining all your black outfits), then perhaps this Super-Secret Spy Lens extension is just what you need.

The extender, which is basically a $US50 periscope that attaches to your SLR lenses by way of an adaptor, allows you point that zoom lens at a "fake out" object, and then shoot pics of the real subject to your immediate right or left. The extender even swivels 360 degrees, in case your subject is a slippery one, and is able to dance about your periphery to your right and left with relative ease. Actually, if that's the case, the person may have gotten wise to you, and the police could be coming soon. In any event, the pics will look fantastic.

More seriously, amateur and professional photogs alike understand that people just look better in photos when they don't know they're being photographed. This adaptor, while somewhat creepy (just hit the link and watch the woman snap a few pics in public), gets that job done. [Photodojo]

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