Unconfirmed: Is This the First Image of Sony's Mystery VAIO Netbook?

CNET Asia writer Kevin Kang may have stumbled across the first real pic of Sony's upcoming entry into the hot netbook space, the VAIO P, and it is indeed tiny. But is it real?

To me, the shadow under the netbook looks fishy. Then again, I'm a grizzled, cynical journalist who's been scorned by his share of broken embargoes and Photoshopped images. You tell me.

On a related note, regardless of 'chopping, we had the leaked VAIO P specs up at Christmas (Blam never sleeps or celebrates—he waits!).

As a refresher, that includes an unspecified 1.33Ghz processor (prolly Atom), 1600x768 pixel 8-inch LED backlit screen (sharp!), and the option of either a 60GB HDD or 128GB SSD (strange!).

More on this at CES, without a doubt. [CNET Asia]

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