Twelve-Strobe Camera Rig Smites the Sun, Shoots at 1/8000 Seconds

Photographer Syl Arena created an impressive array of twelve strobes to help him take ultra-clear high speed shots, and possibly to incite God's wrath by one-upping the sun.

All twelve strobes are Canon 580 EX II, and all are controlled by RadioPopper wireless triggers. The intensity of the light allows him to reduce the shutter speed to 1/8000 seconds, in broad daylight no less, and still have plenty of light. But the real advantage here is high speed photography, and Arena claims to be able to see "the individual links on the motorcycle's chain" while that motorcycle flies 65kph through the air.

Plus, the rig's frame is made of classy oak. I guess if you want to build the brightest flash short of a supernova, you might as well go all the way. [MAKE]

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