TummyTub Lets You Bath Babies Like They’re Back In The Womb

TummyTub Lets You Bath Babies Like They’re Back In The Womb

tummytub.jpgFrom the moment you squeezed your head through a crack that wasn’t quite large enough and took your first breath, the world has been against you. Think about it – back in the womb, you never felt cold, you never had to chew your food, you never had to breathe… Compared to those nine months in heaven, the rest of your life has been like hell on earth. That’s why loving parents will bathe their kids in the TummyTub, a small, clear bucket that’s designed to make newborn babies feel like they’re back in the comfort of their mother’s womb. But perhaps the best way to describe the TummyTub comes from the designers themselves:

Tummytub is a womb shaped and sized bath for babies, directly after the birth till well over one year, to ease the transistion (sic) from the familiar safe and secure womb to the unknown world.
Due to its shape babies automatically adopt a foetal positon (sic)(familiar) and being submerged in warm water (familiar), face less gravity(familiar), are in touch with the walls (familiar) and have less strain on their tummies (familiar). This makes that (sic) babies instantly relax.

Other, incidental benefits of the TummyTub is that it only requires 5 litres of water compared to the 15 or so you’d use in a normal bath (saves water and energy!), plus it’s easier on your back to carry.

Now if only they can make an adult-sized version, we’d be somewhat happier with the world…

[TummyTub via Australian Design Awards]