Tokyo Street Watches Graph the Time, Shoot It, or Turn It Into Some Bugs

These watches from Tokyo Street take three novel approaches to telling time: one draws a target, the other makes a graph, and the last displays ants. Glowing, inscrutable little ants.

The Ever-Increasing watch slowly draws a graph of the time which, though it displays what some might call a rather predictable function, gets the point across just fine. The SCOPE II is more direct: a small targeting reticle locks onto the current time, which is arranged among a bunch of incorrect ones. Then there's the ANT.

It's not clear what each of the the ANT watch's ants symbolise, but if you take for granted that they probably correlate somehow to the current time, then you can accept that it's at least a useful icebreaker. The SCOPE II and Ever Increasing watches are priced at $US180 and the ANT at $US120 from Japanese überimporter and Gizmodo Gallery supporter Gizmine. [Tokyo Street at Gizmine]

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