TN Games HTX Helmet Delivers Virtual Headshots, Lawsuits With Force Feedback

Joining the TN Games force feedback vest is the HTX Helmet, which will allow kids to be the first on their block to receive physical head wounds from a virtual headshot in Gears 2.

Much like the TN Gaming Vest, the HTX Helmet delivers sensations and body blows that reflect what's happening to your character in-game.

The HTX Helmet is worn in conjunction with the 3rd Space Gaming Vest and delivers blows to the head when you are fired upon. Feel bullets whizzing by your helmet or the impact of getting shot in the head. The helmet will communicates with compatible games to give precise, 3 dimensionally accurate impacts where it happens, as it happens.

Hopefully there's a sensitivity setting on this device so TN has a sliver of a fighting chance when the lawsuits start pouring in. The helmet arrives in 2009 and has not been priced. [TN Games]

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