Tiny, Adorable Walkman Phone Is Hard To Use Unless You're Also Tiny and Adorable

By the numbers, the KDDI Walkman Xmini phone is nothing special. Well, except for a few of the numbers: at 44mm wide and 18mm thick, the 1.8in screen phone is absolutely minuscule.

Well, for what it is, at least. there have been smaller gimmick phones for quite some time, but none with a solid featureset like this. As a Walkman phone, it comes with 4GB of flash memory, a well-tested and usable media player interface, and when closed, illuminated touch controls on the bottom front bezel. A Japan-only handset for now, you can also expect mobile TV and integrated domestic music stores.

The only obvious problem with a phone like this is, well, using it. Derek Zoolander's halcyon tiny-phone-toting days came before we were all texting each other like crazy, an experience I can't imagine being too enjoyable on the Xmini. [Akihabara]

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