The Soda Cup Phone: Because Hamburgers are SO 2007

Unlike its spoiled brat sibling, the Hamburger Phone, the Soda Cup Phone doesn't have a major motion picture to serve as its marketing machine. So it turned to us, the blogs, to spread the word.

I'll be honest—the Soda Cup may not have the same quirky appeal as the Hamburger, but it has stealth on its side. Like Joel over at BoingBoing Gadgets mentioned, you'd never know it was a phone if not for the cord (note to manufacturer: make cordless model next year. thx.). The Hamburger would never fool anyone, because a real hamburger would never, ever look plasticky. So if you really wanna throw someone for a loop, you can answer the Soda Cup when it rings, and they'll totally think you've been dropping acid.

Also, at $US14, you're paying a dollar less. THAT'S A DEAL! [Soda Cup Phone via Gadgets Alerts via BB Gadgets]

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