The PS360 Hybrid Console: Halo on PS3 the Easy Way

As if the PS3/360 hybrid controller weren't enough, one modder has stuck an entire Xbox 360 inside a PS3 shell.

Despite the PS3's hefty stature, the fit was so tight that the modder had to slice down the actual cooling fan blades as to not disrupt other components. Oddly enough, the disc drive is still positioned on the left (a chunk was removed from the PS3 case so that the tray could extend) while the PS3's own elegant drive components go unused. Both the PS3's eject and power buttons still work, which was a nice touch.

If you're interested in owning this PS360, it's actually on eBay. We'll pass until someone manages to fit both a 360 and PS3 into either system of choice. [eBay via N8bog Thanks Eric!]

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