The One Thing David Pogue and Unlimited Lives in Contra Have in Common

The Konami code is a secret branding, a geek stigmata—all it takes is that one brief flash, and you're immediately recognised as one of US. Is it any surprise then, that if you enter that hallowed sequence on DP's new Pogue-o-Matic gadget finder, you get to watch him do a special trick?

Just type in the magic words (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b, enter) on the front page, and you will be rewarded. But as Adam points out, an additional 30 seconds of Pogue hamming it up might not juice you the same way as unlimited lives in Contra did back in the day, but our hats are off to you David Pogue, as well as the NYT code monkeys that dreamed this up. [Pogue-O-Matic]

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