The Natural Year Phone Refuses to Be Out-Greened

OK OK, we know this grass phone is totally nuts, but hear us out.

The Natural Year Phone concept is the brainchild of designer Je-Hyun Kim. Given that most of us replace our mobile phones with the two-year circadian rhythm of our contracts, a phone constructed mostly of all natural material (like hay) may not be as ridiculous as it sounds. Plus, since it vaguely resembles a plant, everyone at Starbucks will know that you care more about the environment than them as you drip bits of chlorophyll into their coffee.

The real flaw of this design, however, is not that it's made of an extremely non-durable material; the real flaw is that it doesn't seem to take into account the need for internal circuitry, a hazardous and crucial component of any mobile phone that can't exactly be replaced with non-toxic lawn clippings.

Plus, your stoner roommate would totally try to smoke it. [Yanko Design]

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