The Monolith Table Transforms to Seat Ten

If you walked into a friend's house to see this 2.5m stainless steel hourglass, you'd probably think he makes too much money. If he unfolded the sculpture for 10-person dinner seating, you'd know it.

By designer Gioia Meller Marcovicz, the Monolith Table is a masterpiece of steel featuring a folding dining table and ten perfectly fitted (also folding) chairs to go along with it. I'm not sure that there's any particular reason to essentially pack up such a large table into a large sculpture. I mean, it's still going to take up half your living room either way, and it's not exactly multi-functional as a giant block of metal.

But I sure do like to turn off my brain and look at it. [Monolith via bookofjoe]

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