The KT Listening Room Shipping Container: My New Favourite Way to Travel

Forget Emirates' Sultan Class on the A380—the KT listening room built out of a converted 20-foot shipping container is the way I want to make my next trans-continental voyage.

Yeah, just drop me in the cargo hold of the next long-haul COSCO freighter out of Elizabeth, NJ. Bound for anywhere, I don't care. So long as my ventilation tube remains open and my supply of Daft Punk, Neil Young and Lindstrøm doesn't run out.

The KT's 15 speakers are entwined in an elaborate installation of CNC-cut cardboard, providing a "spatial sensation that is in-between the notion of the concert hall and the iPod headphone." Designed by MAT Studio and Elastik, It was the winner of Dezeen's contest for the best conversion of a shipping container, and was on display for a few thousand lucky listeners at Tokyo Designers Week recently. [Dezeen]

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