The Kitchen of Tomorrow! (in 1943)

In 1943, Life ran a story about the Kitchen of Tomorrow exhibit presented in Toledo, Ohio. In retrospect, they may have gotten it wrong.

There are certainly a few clever ideas, as we see in the first shot of a cooking space promising to be 1/3 the size of modern stoves. The pots and pans double as serving dishes, and while we don't quite understand how one stirs the food, it certainly appears to be a clean way to cook.
But most of the plans focus on integration. You know, stick a waffle iron and a toaster right into the counter top—which makes sense until you realise that those appliances just eat into drawer space or raise the cooking surface by several inches.

Still, I could look at future concepts from the 1940s all day long. See lots more shots by hitting the links. [Dwell and Paleo-Future via bbGadgets]

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