The History of Apple, As Seen Through the Glazed Eyes of the Patent Office

Technologizer has meticulously reconstructed Apple's history in the form of sweet, formerly tantalising patent filings.

Many patents submitted under seductive names like "Microcomputer for Use With Video Display" and "Media Player" went on to become commercial successes and household names, though even in this curated, selective list, for every recognisable sketch there is a promising one that never came to fruition. What ever happened to Apple's 2003 "Media Player System" filing, which promised wireless music transmission between the iPod and other devices? Or this awesome, fully articulated iMac concept?

The gallery is a novel way to piece through Apple's greatest hits and misses of the last 31 years, many of which, like the 1992 filing for an Apple mobile phone are much richer in hindsight. After piecing through the gallery though, it's hard not to get the sense that after all this time and all these patents, there still isn't an effective predictor for which ones will ever amount to anything. [Technologizer]

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