Telstra Set To Make A Crapload Of Money From Your New Years Texting

sol money telstra.jpgHot on the heels of the news that SMS messages cost networks practically nothing to send comes a Telstra press release that they're expecting Australians to send up to 76 million texts during the New Years celebration. Now, I'm no mathematician, but at roughly 30 25 cents per SMS message, that equates to a crapload of money. What's more, they expect customers to send around 600,000 MMS messages as well, and we all know how expensive they can be. To cope with the extra demand on their network, Telstra has apparently boosted their network in certain key locations around key Australian cities for New Years Eve, so hopefully you'll be able to both send your New Years messages and contribute to Sol's retirement fund al in one go.

UPDATE: Jeez - you guys sure do get worked up. 25 cents or "roughly 30" cents... either way, the result is exactly the same.


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