Television App For iPhone is Not Quite Hulu, But Getting Warmer

The creatively name "Television" aggregates web TV sources like CNN, CBS, NBC and BBC, making Bob Schieffer, Brian Williams and the gang from Top Gear just a single tap away.

AU: This is actually available in Australia, and even includes our own local ABC news!

Television is only an aggregator—meaning all of the content available already exists out on the web for free. And, it only works on wi-fi, which is unfortunate. But the list of available shows is pretty decent:


CNN - Now in the News, In Case You Missed
CBS - Eye to Eye, Face the Nation
NBC - Nightly News, Meet the Press
CNBC - Fast Money
Comedy Central - Standup Highlights
VH1 - Celebrity Rehab, The Pickup Artists
Onion Networkk - All videos
College Humor TV - All videos
Digg.TV - Diggnation
CNET - First Look, Buzz Report
Discovery Channel - Highlights
National Geographic - Highlights
MTV - MTV News, music videos
NBA - News and match highlights


BBC - Highlights from Top Gear, Torchwood, Goodness Gracious, QI
SKY - Sky News
ITN - News and Showbizz
Megawhat.Tv - Tech News


TF1 - Le Journal, Météo
M6 - Six Minutes
BFM - Première Edition
iTele - iTele News


RTL - News, Aktuell, Wetter, Exclusiv
ARD - Tagesschau, Das Wetter
NDR - Ratgeber Technik
WDR - Die Sendung mit der Maus, Käptn Blaubär
ZDF - Heute, Wetten Dass Backstage, Aktuelle Sportstud

Now, Hulu—you must be working on an iPhone app, right? When can we see it? [Television - iTunes - $3.99]

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