Teardown: The Beatiful Precision Inside Pocket DLP Pico Projectors

Tech-On got out their tiny non-standard screwdrivers and tweezers and took apart an Optoma PK101 projector, revealing an engineering miracle—the components necessary to squeeze a DLP projector into your shirt pocket.

Some of these shots could use a penny for scale, because it's unclear exactly how small we're talking. But basically the entire optical module is squeezed into that tiny matte metal box up front, which includes an amazing sugarcube-sized fly-eye lens, with tiny facets used to focus light from the RGB LED light source (one tiny LED for each colour) onto the microscopic mirrors of the DLP image processor, with accuracy down to the micron. One day all of our mobile phones will have these; until then, marvel at how something that used to be size of your massive audio receiver can now fit in your pants. More images and details at: [Tech ON]

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