Stupid Mobile Phone Applications Won't Stop Your Kid From Texting While Driving

The biggest flaw of touchscreen phones is that they're even more dangerous (and annoying) to type on while driving than button-y phones. Textecution is a G1 app that won't let you text, period, while driving.

The way it works is pretty simple: It taps the G1's GPS, and if you're moving more than 16kph, it kills text messaging. Targeted at texting teens, in order to get permission to text when you're driving—or running really fast—it'll call an admin number, like their parent's—to temporarily lower the block. Ingenious, except totally not.

For one, dastardly kids can just delete the app completely, no admin approval required. Which they'd probably do immediately, if they wanted their G1 live longer than 27 minutes, which is the kind of battery life you could look forward to with GPS constantly running. Also, what about when your precious is just a passenger on a bus or in their friend's car?

Face it parents, your kid is going to text while they're driving—and call their friends, mess with their hair, change the CD, flip through their iPod and everything horribly unsafe thing you do while you're driving. [Textecution via TechCrunch]

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