Steampunk AIO Computer Is a PC That Looks Old, Which is Apparently Still Exciting

Saying that steampunk is played out is almost getting played out itself, but they just keep making things. This week we have a another winner: a computer! Covered in brass! With horns! Die.

The screen, as is painfully obvious, is the centerpiece of this mod, which is the first problem. A good Steampunk device usually mixes anachronistic decoration with newer technology, but does so in a visually—if not conceptually— convincing way. That's not what this is.

Most of the effort appears to have gone into the rear of the device, which houses a whole PC. There is no doubt in my mind that things like this take a great deal of skill, but the point is that this skill is being devoted to an irritating movement that probably peaked with a Will Smith remake movie. They're making music now, people. Please stop (this goes for the enablers, too), and start covering stuff with wood. Or leather. Anything. Else. [Slashgear via Engadget]

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