Sony's January 9th Announcement Will Be That Oblong Netbook... Thing

The cryptic countdown in New Zealand and the FCC info about the strange, elongated maybe-netbook are almost certainly for the same product, according to a Japanese teaser site.

In the flash animation at the front of Sony's Japanese Vaio page a masked device that matches the leaked dimensions of the shallow, long miniature laptop can be clearly seen. The site dubs the product "Sony New Mobile", which fits quite well with the previous "It'll change the way you look at laptops" blind teaser, and implies the same mobile connectivity focus that was evident in the leaked specs.
The main question now is one of price. Will Sony aim for the affordable heart of the netbook market, just sell an oddly-shaped, regularly priced laptop or—and I'd say this is a likely possibility—end up with a product that sits uncomfortably between netbooks and traditional laptops in both price and performance? Regardless, the form factor is interesting and we'll find out more specs (and if it's coming to the US) on January 9th, probably at CES. [ via Electronista]

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