Sony's Enormous Bravia Zoetrope Caught Zoetroping

As reported yesterday, Sony's new Bravia ad will feature the world's largest zoetrope, a 10m tribute to those Olde-Tyme Rotational Animation Dee-vices displayed in local children's museums. You know, with the horses? Here's a video.

Sony is using this 174-year-old technology to draw attention to the new Bravias' MotionFlow interpolation technology, which guesstimates new frames between existing ones, smoothing out content to display it up to a massive 200Hz.

Weighing over 10 tons and spinning at about 40kph, the so-called Bravia-drome can be seen above displaying Brazilian soccer player Kaka juggling the ball around a bit, but claims the ad was filmed using "a huge crew and tons of extras", so it'll be interesting to see what they manage to come up with. [Sony, Geek—Thanks, Joel]

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