Sony Ericsson, HTC to Release Android Phones in 2009

It was bound to happen, but we never imagined it was going to be so soon. Phandroid says that Sony Ericsson will release their first Android-based telephone in summer 2009, according to IDG Sweden:

We expect to initially focus on higher-end products, but we will also add products for a broader mass market at a later date. The first Android handset will arrive in the summer.

That was the official word from Gustaf Brusewitz, an official Sony Ericsson spokesman for Sony Ericsson in Sweden. He also added that they will continue to develop for Symbian and Windows, to get all their bases covered.

HTC, the current makers of the G1, will also come with their own Android mobile phones in summer 2009. Not only model, but a whole portfolio, according to HTC exec Peter Frølund:

Yes, we will have one or more Android-products by the summer of 2009. I can say that we are working on a portfolio of models.

Personally, I can't wait to see what HTC and Sony Ericsson will bring to the table in terms of hardware design and—hopefully—User Interface overhauls. [IDG Sweden and Business DK via Phandroid]

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