Singapore Flyer Strands 173 People for Six Hours, Makes Me Reconsider Riding It

I'm in Singapore right now and had every intention to ride the Flyer, the world's largest Ferris Wheel. But after it left 173 people were stranded for six hours last night, I'm... hesitant.

The view from the Singapore Flyer, which measures 150m tall, is supposed to be astounding, and I'm incredibly curious about their crazy observation pods, each of which is air conditioned and holds 28 people. 28 people per 28 pods that suddenly stopped spinning last night after fires broke out in the control room.

The 173 people had to be rappelled down from the capsules, starting from those closest to the bottom. Those who had to wait the longest for rescue efforts were given food, water and methods of relieving themselves. According to commenters at the Straits Times, those at the top received virtually nothing—since it was much harder to communicate with ground crews from about 42-stories up.

This isn't even the first time the Flyer's broken down since it's grand opening eight months ago. It stopped thanks to a braking system malfunction in July, and got stuck earlier this month for five hours (on Dec. 4) due to bad weather. So, Gizmodo readers, I leave it up to you. Assuming they turn it back on before I leave, should I give it a go? I guess if it does break down, we can all look forward to more pictures of me looking uncomfortable. [Straits Times]

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